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Yashiro Takeshi mainly works as a director for live-action commercials. At 43, he began working on original stop-motion animated works. He is involved in every aspect of his works, from writing and directing to art, animation, and puppet-modeling. The nature-loving creator from Akita Prefecture currently lives in Karuizawa, where he continues to pursue stop-motion animation that uses textured visuals unique to the medium.
Yashiro Takeshi
Yashiro was born in 1969.

Major animated works
"Norman the Snowman - The Northern Lights -" (2013)
"Moon of a Sleepless Night" (2015)
・ Winner of Japan Competition Best Short Award and Governor of Tokyo Award at Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia 2016
・ Winner of Excellence Award at The Japan Media Arts Festival Animation Division

Norman the Snowman - The Northern Lights -

This animated adventure follows a young boy who loves snow and a snowman as they travel to see the Northern Lights. Yashiro's snowy hometown of Akita inspired him to create this story, where he made lifelike snow using large amounts of salt. The acclaimed stop-motion animation has been shown at planetariums across Japan.