Creating Graceful Motion with CGI *RERUN
Kouhei Nakama is a computer animator who is in high demand around the world. From ultra-realistic abstract objects to beautiful depictions of the human body, Nakama focuses on imagery that catches the eye, as well as on a sense of liveliness -- every detail is given its own set of movements.
Kouhei Nakama
Nakama was born in 1974.

Major animated works
"Shatter" (2007)
・ Official Competition Entry at the SIGGRAPH Computer Animation Festival
・ Jury Prize in the Art Division at the Japan Media Arts Festival
・ Grand Prize at the Asia Digital Art Award
"Diffusion" (2015)
"Cycle" (2016)
"Makin' Moves" (2017)

Makin' Moves

In this music video, human figures move in physically impossible ways to the rhythms of a song. To create his desired effect, Nakama applied a digital movement pattern -- one that simulates the motions of flocks of birds and schools of fish -- to human models that are used in constructing virtual environments.

ISSEY MIYAKE "3D Steam Stretch" Concept Movie

Nakama uses animation to present a new fabric developed by top fashion brand ISSEY MIYAKE. The work is full of elegant movement -- a common quality found in Nakama's anime.


In this animated short, Nakama depicts the cycle of life and death occurring in our bodies. The work reflects Nakama's obsession with the microscopic movements constantly occurring within ourselves.