A Master of Comical 3DCG Animation *RERUN
Tomioka currently heads the 3DCG studio Canavan Graphics. His job encompasses directing, writing and producing, all while managing his company. The talented creator is well-known for his original comedic animation style. He has also turned his original characters into multi-faceted businesses that include goods, video games and other ventures. In this episode, we find out what drives Tomioka's creativity and how he has become a master of comical 3DCG animation.
Tomioka Satoshi
Tomioka was born in 1972.

Major animated works
"SiNK" (1999)
"USAVICH" (2006)
´Żą The Japan Media Arts Festival Animation Division Jury Selections


Tomioka Satoshi's first original animation. He completed this piece on his days off while working at a CG company. All on his own, he shocked the CG animation industry with his cynical comedic style and unique sense of color. He studied Disney animation methods to bring his characters to life.


These animated shorts depict the daily lives of 2 rabbits and their friends locked up in prison. With quirky humor and unique CG animation, each 90-second episode conveys the story through character movements without any dialogue. We focus on Tomioka's storytelling technique of setting up each character's motivations at the beginning then letting the story unfold naturally.


This work takes place in Babi-den City, where strangers from all over the world gather. The story follows Hemingway and the mysterious alien, Bytheway, as they go about their work at a shipping company called INAZMA DELIVERY. Before making this piece, Tomioka visited various character goods shops to study the characteristics behind popular characters. We'll find out the techniques behind Tomioka's character creation skills.