A Stop-Motion Fantasy Full of Nature *RERUN
Mainly works as a director on live-action commercials. At 43, he began working on original stop-motion animated works. In addition to writing and directing, he also works with art, animation, puppet-modeling and more. He's a nature-loving Akita Prefecture-born creator who currently lives in Karuizawa. He aims to create textured visuals unique only to stop-motion animation.
Yashiro Takeshi
Yashiro was born in 1969.

Major animated works
"Norman the Snowman - The Northern Lights -" (2013)
"Moon of a Sleepless Night" (2015)
・ Winner of Japan Competition Best Short Award and Governor of Tokyo Award at Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia 2016
・ Winner of Excellence Award at The Japan Media Arts Festival Animation Division

Norman the Snowman - The Northern Lights -

This story follows a boy who yearns for snow as he sets off on an adventure north with a snowman. Yashiro, who hails from the snowy land of Akita, was inspired to create this film when a snow-covered train reminded him of his hometown. The film was screened at planetariums around Japan.

Moon of a Sleepless Night

One day, a squirrel appears out of the blue and asks a boy to help him remove the moon from a tree branch. As long as the moon is caught in the tree, the night will never end. The boy and the squirrel set off on an adventure into the forest where time has stopped. Yashiro built a film studio near the forest and incorporated actual trees and other greenery into the set.


A new take on the work by Niimi Nankichi, "Gon the Fox" that depicts the insurmountable wall between man and beast. The sad yet tender story takes place in a lively Japanese mountain village and unfolds among nature's beauty.