A Student Creator With a Bright Future
The up-and-coming creator has made the cover art for various novels, created music videos, and put together image boards for animated shows, all while attending university. Okada has gained the attention of international animation fans because of the detailed, beautiful worlds he creates and his ability to tell a story in every single cut. Watch and find out why the animation world has high expectations for this young 20-something creator.
Okada Syogo
Okada was born in 1995.

Major animated works
"Amewomatsu、" (2020)
"Vevara in your dream" (2019)


Music video for a song by singer-songwriter Minami. The work has garnered a lot of attention as it racks up views on YouTube. The mixture of Minami's voice and the beautiful visuals appeals to music and animation fans around the world. The story follows a conflicted girl following her dreams as she crosses space and time to meet someone she used to admire in the past.

Vevara in your dream

Okada's Tokyo University of the Arts graduation project. One day, Sana, a 14-year-old girl, starts to see the same dream whenever she goes to sleep. In the dream, she encounters Vevara, a character Sana sketched when she was a child. The delicately animated story follows Sana as she tries to get back on her feet after nearly losing her dream of becoming an artist due to an arm injury.


Okada made this work in his first year of graduate school. The story follows a black cat who lives happily with friends in an alley of a glittering city. One day, the cat encounters a strange creature with a heart full of sadness. The piece depicts the unconscious discrimination and prejudice of today's diversity-focused society, told with 3DCG animation techniques.