Drawing Emotions That Words Cannot Explain *RERUN
Yoshiki Imazu is an upcoming artist who creates music videos for popular musicians, and advertising. We look into the artistry of Imazu who expresses both the emptiness and comfort in everyday life through his animation, while explaining such uncertainties without the need for words.
Yoshiki Imazu
Imazu was born in 1985.

Major animated works
・ Inter College Animation Festival 2018, Audience Award First Place
・ Tokyo Anime Award Festival 2019, Nominated
・ 2019 22nd Japan Media Arts Festival Animation Division Jury Selection
"What is normal, anyway?" (2018)

"What is normal, anyway?"

This is an animation based on people who suffer from a type of developmental disorder called hypersensitivity. His objective is to have people feel a sense of reality by including, in his work, neighborhood scenes that catch Imazu's eye.


In this piece, he uses repeated movements to reflect the tendency to be tossed about in a world of excessive information. In order to show repeated movements that have a natural flow, he would try and eliminate special moves that stand out. Imazu pursues the creation of repeated expressions that people can enjoy watching continuously, without feeling they're seeing a repeated image.


Through the relationship between fictional animals and humans, Imazu portrays today's world where people define reality however they find convenient. It is Imazu's representative piece that recreates the real world with the use of animation, demonstrating a sense of being in a miniature world by observing it from different angles.