Watch Tsukahara Shigeyoshi's "Joseito (Schoolgirl)" & "The Man Traveling with a Picture in Relief" in Full!
Tsukahara Shigeyoshi is a critically-acclaimed creator who has won multiple awards, both in Japan and abroad. His stories take place in the downtown Tokyo suburbs and feature a unique, retro-futuristic animation style. Animation fans around the globe have lauded the detailed cityscapes and steampunk-scenery he puts together. In this special episode, we're broadcasting "Joseito (Schoolgirl)" and "The Man Traveling with a Picture in Relief," 2 of Tsukahara's popular works, complete with English voices.
Tsukahara Shigeyoshi
Tsukahara was born in 1981.

Major animated works
"Hashi no mukou" (Crossing the bridge at the edge; 2012)
"Joseito" (Schoolgirl; 2014)
"Monster Parade" (2017)
"The Man Traveling with a Picture in Relief" (2018)

Joseito (Schoolgirl)

Based on Osamu Dazai's 1939 short story, "Joseito (Schoolgirl)" tells the story of a day in the life of a teenage girl, told through her inner monologue. Tsukahara depicts the scenery of early Showa-era Tokyo in ways that reflect the protagonist's complicated emotions. It all comes together to form a masterpiece that beautifully portrays the fluctuating feelings of an adolescent girl.

The Man Traveling with a Picture in Relief

Based on a 1929 short story by Edogawa Rampo, this slightly strange yet beautiful tale takes place on a train and tells the story of a man who meets a mysterious older man with an Oshie painting. Fascinated by the beautiful woman in the picture, the man gets sucked in and begins to grow old. Mixing both reality and fantasy, Tsukahara makes full use of VR equipment to capture every detail of Taisho-era Tokyo.