Chilling Your Spine and Tickling Your Funnybone *RERUN
Toshiko Hata is an animator and illustrator who specializes in stop-motion horror comedy. Her decision to mix horror and comedy is based on her belief that these 2 genres offer the most liberating experiences for the viewer.
Toshiko Hata
Hata was born in 1985.

Major animated works
"Memory of usual days" (2008)
"Where he can relax" (2010)
"Rootless heart" (2011)
・Official Competition Entry at the 2011 Ottawa International Animation Festival
・Jury's Choice at Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival
・Yubari Fantastic Film Festival - Special Invitation
"PACALIEN" (2017)
・Spotlight Award at Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia 2017


A girl who hates playing the piano is transported to a fantasy world where puppets can move. This work is notable for the great range in the puppets' movement and the catchy music.

Rootless heart

A girl and boy wander into an abandoned house, where a mysterious being starts hunting them for their hearts. This work marks Hata's most direct foray into the horror genre.


In this horror comedy released in 2017, Romeros -- an alpaca-like alien -- loses contact with his home planet when his ship crash-lands on Earth during a research expedition.