Expressing a Unique Hand-Drawn Abstract World *RERUN
Taro Otani is a creator highly praised for his unique abstract impressions. His hand-drawn movements are so smooth, as if computer graphics are used, giving a peculiar sense of weightlessness. We look into Otani's sense of creativity as he continues making pieces that reflect his everyday life, while deeply pursuing the creation of "shape."
Taro Otani
Otani was born in 1977.

Major animated works
"The devil between my fingers" (2009)
Serph "feather (overdrive version)" (2016)
・ Serph Music Video Contest Grand Prix
yuichi NAGAO "Harmonia feat. Makoto" (2017)
・ 21st Japan Media Arts Festival Animation Division Excellence Award
amiinA "sign" (2019)

"The devil between my fingers"

A devil in his hands is how Otani symbolizes a chronic disease he has. With a sense of humor, he expresses having to live with a devil who drops various things from his hands. He portrays an uplifting view using hand movements of his family and friends.

Serph "feather (overdrive version)"

The motif of this music video is a warped world Otani sees through just one eye. An abstract figure moves like musical notes, and continues to rise. This piece expresses a unique sense of elation.

yuichi NAGAO "Harmonia feat. Makoto"

This music video merges his own abstract impressions with embodiments, such as a young girl. Otani's insistence with "shape" creates smooth movements. Depicted is a dreamy world, as if looking into the mind of a girl as she falls asleep.