The Complete "NEGADON: The Monster from Mars," by Jun Awazu *RERUN
Jun Awazu is an animation director who is particular about, and continues to draw monsters. Using various styles, he is recognized for his direction in numerous dynamic computer graphic animation featuring monsters. This time we will be bringing to you the piece that Jun Awazu put his heart and soul into in its entirety. "NEGADON: The Monster from Mars."
Jun Awazu
Awazu was born in 1974.

Major animated works
"Magara Great Battle" (2001)
"NEGADON: The Monster from Mars" (2005)
´Żą2005 Japan Media Arts Festival Animation Division Jury Selection
"PLANZET" (2010)

NEGADON: The Monster from Mars

This film expresses the worldview of Japanese special effect monster movies made since the 1950's in three-dimensional computer graphics. It took Awazu 2 and a half years to complete, practically all alone. It is about a battle between humankind planning to emigrate to Mars and a monster excavated on Mars.
2025. The population of Earth has risen to more than 10 billion. With a need to search for natural resources, a space development project was in progress at an international scale. During such a mission, a space transport ship crashes onto Earth. At the crash site, Monster Negadon awakens.
Negadon, possessing powerful destruction abilities, is on a collision course with the capital city, Tokyo. Narasaki, an authority figure in robotics, rides the giant robot he had once created, and confronts Negadon to protect the future of humanity.