Creates Innovative Images with Self-Developed Expressive Tools *RERUN
Baku Hashimoto is a creator based in Hokkaido Prefecture, who is highly recognized for his works using innovative images. While he is a filmmaker, he also develops original expressive tools through computer programming, to make his own ideas a reality. We look into the creativity of Hashimoto, who continues to challenge new image expressions, using self-created state-of-the-art technology as his weapon.
Baku Hashimoto
Hashimoto was born in 1992.

Major animated works
group_inou "EYE" (2015)
・ 2015 19th Japan Media Arts Festival Entertainment Division, New Face Award
・ Asia Digital Art Award FUKUOKA, Excellence Award
Olga Bell "ATA" (2016)
imai "Fly feat. 79, Kaho Nakamura" (2017)

group_inou "EYE"

A music video made using Google Street View, that displays a sense of running. Produced together with media artist Katsuki Nogami. After developing an original filming support tool, he took 3,600 photos of the artist. The artist is then merged onto an ever-changing background.

Olga Bell "ATA"

A music video of an American artist. A peculiar piece, where by changing the viewing angle, an object appears to be something completely different, much like trick art. This expression technique was created by modeling photos with 3-dimensional computer graphics.

imai "Fly feat. 79, Kaho Nakamura"

A music video created with stop motion animation of Japanese rice cake sweets. Hashimoto created a filming support tool that records the camera's location. The result is a unique stop motion animation piece where the camera moves freely in all directions.