Pursuing Animation That Feels Odd *RERUN
AC-bu is a team of 2 creators with a reputation for impactful animation. Team members Adachi and Itakura will always complete each project together. We look into AC-bu's unique, one of a kind style that leaves a vivid impression with viewers.
Group formed in 1999.

Major animated works
"Euroboys" (1999)
"Striger" (2000)
group_inou "THERAPY" (2010)
"A Handbook for Safe Driving" (2014)
・ Nominated by review committee for Japan Media Arts Festival Entertainment awards
Powder "New Tribe" (2019)
・ Nominated to the Commissioned Films in Competition category of the Annecy International Animated Film Festival

group_inou "THERAPY"

A music video that AC-bu put their heart and soul into. This work was watched over 4 million times, becoming a huge topic of discussion.

A Handbook for Safe Driving

A "high-speed picture story" project created by AC-bu. It is about an intense car chase that unfolds between a traffic violator and the police.

Powder "New Tribe"

A music video of DJ & Producer, Powder. It is a mysterious story about a character who has conflicting feelings on whether or not to quit her job.