Expanding One's World Through the Internet
Inaba Hideki is a filmmaker, art director and animator with a unique style filled with swirling, colorful shapes. Although he can't speak any English, he collaborates with foreign artists using AI translation services. In this episode, we find out what drives Inaba's creativity as he uses the internet to expand his visual horizons.
Inaba Hideki
Inaba was born in 1988.

Major animated works
Beatsofreen "Slowly Rising" (2015)
´Żą Winner of the Jury Selection Award at the 20th Japan Media Arts Festival
Canigou "TAPE" (2019)
mafumafu "The Asterism You Gave Me" (2019)

Slowly Rising

The music video for "Slowly Rising" by the Dutch musician Beatsofreen. A species is born under the sun, the source of life. The growth and decline of living organisms are juxtaposed with the relationships between company workers, expressed in a cel animation style.


A music video for the Swedish artist Canigou. This work was inspired by a painting done by the actual musician. The music video is critically acclaimed for how Inaba beautifully animates the movement of all life connecting and multiplying.

The Asterism You Gave Me

This is a music video for 'mafumafu,' an artist active on video sharing websites. The story-driven structure was a first for Inaba. Using 3DCG technology, Inaba created a dynamic work that would have been impossible to do by hand, opening him up to a new frontier of animation.