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Junichi Yamamoto is a freelance anime director who is best known for his detailed depictions of the inner lives of his characters, usually conveyed through flashbacks that allow him to fully flesh out his characters.
Junichi Yamamoto
Yamamoto was born in 1985.
Major animated works
"Memory" (2009)
"Anemone" (2011)
"Nekketsu Jinmenken LIFE IS MOVIE" (2014)
"Time Driver: The Future We Drew" (2018)
"Armor Shop for Ladies & Gentlemen" (2018)


A young woman who despairs about the future and has lost her will to live wanders into an upside-down world, where she encounters her childhood self. The short anime tackles themes such as memory and finding hope in the darkest times.

Nekketsu Jinmenken LIFE IS MOVIE

In Yamamoto's feature-length debut, a girl called Ai and a hot-blooded, human-faced dog join forces to put an end to a disease spreading throughout Japan, which attacks emotionally vulnerable people by freezing their blood until they turn into monsters.

Time Driver: The Future We Drew

In this short about the importance of dreams, a young man called Hayato encounters his childhood self, who has traveled into the future to meet him as an adult. Together, they pilot a robot and combat a deadly foe.