A Master of Metamorphosis *RERUN
Masaki Okuda is an animator who uses metamorphosis to create a satisfying harmony of music and movement -- and to demonstrate his boundless creativity. Although his preference is for hand-drawn art, he is skilled at producing digital imagery that retains the aesthetic qualities of his hand-drawn work.
Masaki Okuda
Okuda was born in 1985.

Major animated works
"The Garden of Pleasure" (2008)
"A Gum Boy" (2010)
・ New Talent Award at the Fantoche International Animation Film Festival
・ Best Short Film in the Students Division at the AniMadrid International Festival of the Animated Image
・ Jury Prize in the Animation Division at the Japan Media Arts Festival
"A Woman in a Fashion Building" (2015)
Music video for Special Favorite Music's "Royal Memories" (2017)
"Just Do It. Ayumu Hirano" online ad for Nike (2018)

Special Favorite Music "Royal Memories"

This music video made for Japanese pop band Special Favorite Music depicts the story of a man and a woman and the romantic relationship they may have once had. Although it is a digital work, there is a hand-drawn quality in the shimmering light effects and the detailed gradation.

The Garden of Pleasure

Okuda produced this experimental work when he was just getting into animation. A piano piece by Erik Satie plays while various images move around the screen in perfect harmony with the music.

A Gum Boy

This animated short stars Chewie, a young boy who has difficulty opening up to others. He escapes from this reality by chewing gum and playing in the imaginary worlds he creates in his head. The work reflects the fear of the future and anger at the world that Okuda was feeling at the time.