The Wonders of Paint-on-Glass *RERUN
Miyo Sato specializes in paint-on-glass animation, a stop-motion technique that involves photographing images on a sheet of glass, with the images changing gradually from shot to shot. Using paint, sand, clay, and other materials, Sato brings a hand-made touch to her beautiful animations.
Miyo Sato
Sato was born in 1989.

Major animated works
Shiraoka "The Room" (2011)
"Through the Windows" (2014)
"Fox Fears" (2015)
・ Jury Special Prize at Monstra Lisbon Animation Festival
・ Grand Prix in the Japanese Film Category (Short Films) at KINEKO International Children's Film Festival
・ Grand Prix in the Student Category at Seoul International Cartoon & Animation Festival
"Ano Neno Kabocha: Japanese Word Games" (2018)

Shiraoka "The Room"

In this music video, Sato created a collage of images inspired by some of her favorite photographs.

Through the Windows

Throughout this animated short, windows morph into different shapes and open up to new scenes, creating a sense of constant metamorphosis through motion.

Fox Fears

Based on one of Sato's favorite children's books, this short tells the story of a boy who is frightened when told that, based on an old superstition, he will turn into a fox, and how his mother empathetically eases those fears.