Creating a Japanese Fantasy World *RERUN
Yosuke Tani is an animation artist whose work reflects a unique taste of Japanese motif. He has received high praise for his Japanese festival and Yokai monster themed creations. We look into the background of Tani and his portrayal of a Japanese fantasy world unseen in the Western world.
Yosuke Tani
Tani was born in 1992.

Major animated works
"The BACK ALLEY" (2015)
"the Fire Celebration at Kurama" (2017)
"Quest of the Battling Gods" (2018)
´Żą Nominated to the Competition category of the Annecy International Animated Film Festival


The story takes place in Kyoto Prefecture's Horikawa district. A strange creature takes a walk through town when it encounters an unusual stone statue.

the Fire Celebration at Kurama

The theme of this piece is Kyoto Prefecture's annual "Kurama Fire Festival." With the use of animation, Tani expresses how people and Yokai monsters together prepare for the festival.

Quest of the Battling Gods

A fantasy piece created with Tani's own unique view of the world. "Noh," a classical Japanese performing art is incorporated as an element to guide the story.