Creating a Story from a Lyric
With over 50 music videos on his resume, Sugimoto Kosuke has been able to combine audio and visuals in ways not many others can. Join us and find out the secret behind his creativity and ability to create a story with just lyrics and music.
Sugimoto Kosuke
Sugimoto was born in 1983.

Major animated works
Handsome Kenya "Sing in my own way" (2011)
・ Winner of the 23rd CG Anime Competition Grand Prix Award
・ Recipient of ASIAGRAPH 2011's Division II Excellent Work Award
Barbora Poláková "Krosna" (2017)
・ Winner of Anifilm 2018 Music Video Award
END OF THE WORLD × EPIK HIGH "Sleeping Beauty" (2018)

Handsome Kenya "Sing in my own way"

The music video for the song "Sing in my own way" by Japanese artist Handsome Kenya. The work features a unique and colorful world different than the one we know.

Barbora Poláková "Krosna"

The music video for Czech artist Barbora Poláková. The stop-motion animation uses 3DCG to combine the music with the visuals.

END OF THE WORLD × EPIK HIGH "Sleeping Beauty"

The music video for a song featuring Japan's END OF THE WORLD and Korea's EPIK HIGH. The mysterious story, created from just one phrase of the song, is a hit with fans.