A Married Couple's Household Animations
Based in Kyoto Prefecture, moogabooga is a creative unit made up of married couple Makoto and Ayako Takano. Behind their theme "find creativity in everyday life," the duo has become masters at creating stop-motion animations with household items. Join us as we learn about moogabooga's creativity and how they add handmade warmth to their animations.
Makoto Takano was born in 1983.
Ayako Takano was born in 1986.

Major animated works
"A World with Borders" (2010)
NHK Petit Petit Anime "Things Everywhere" (2014)
MEGAHORN "The Moon's Light" (2016)

A World with Borders

This animation was inspired by the traditional Japanese theater art noh and classic Japanese folktale "Kachi-Kachi Yama." From the story to the character expressions, the duo thought through everything in detail.

MEGAHORN "The Moon's Light"

This music video tells the story of siblings walking home using the moonlight to guide them. The dolls were made with wall-finisher, a material with a unique texture that is put on walls in traditional Japanese rooms. Blue lights were used to simulate the uneasiness of the children walking at night.

Things Everywhere

This stop-motion animation gives life to everyday items, from an iron to cups, socks and more. The characters in the animation were all designed and made from everyday household items.