Watch Seiji O'Hara's "THE ANCESTOR" & "AYESHA" in Full!
Acclaimed animator Seiji O'Hara is known for telling cynical stories that have a glimmer of hope. O'Hara's works deal with the dark, complicated and universal themes of life people all around the world deal with. In this special episode, we will be broadcasting the full versions of O'Hara's "THE ANCESTOR" and "AYESHA."
Seiji O'Hara
O'Hara was born in 1980.

Major animated works
・ Winner of the Governor of Tokyo Award at the Short Shorts Film Festival
"AYESHA" (2018)
・ Selected as a finalist of NCCC Film & Animation Festival


This is one of O'Hara's most recognized works and has won numerous awards. The story humorously discusses the problems between men and women through simple monochromatic animation. O'Hara animated the entire work on his own by hand.


Taking place 10 billion years ago, this work tells the story about the birth of a planet. O'Hara's unique perspective takes us on the terrifying journey of a single astronaut drifting through space while also presenting an answer to the mystery of life.