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Tetsuro Kodama is an animation artist with a reputation for humorous stories. With the use of realistically drawn detailed backgrounds, and characters with an abundance of expressions, he creates computer graphics animation with an added touch of hand-drawn art. We look into the artistry of Kodama, who says it is his mission to continue creating.
Tetsuro Kodama
Kodama was born in 1978.

Major animated works
"MY HOME" (2005)
・ 9th Japan Media Arts Festival Animation Division Jury Selection
・ 17th Computer Graphics Animation Contest Grand Prix
"Curly" (2014)
"PIANOMAN" (2019)


The story centers around 3 middle-aged men who decide to build a house on their own. The background is modeled after Osaka Prefecture, where Kodama used to live. By adding details like stains and cracks to the walls of buildings, to create the wear and tear of a lived-in atmosphere, Kodama creates a sense that people live there.


This story is about the fuss and commotion of a bride and her family just before her wedding. This piece is easily imaginable by anyone, as it uses everyday life as its platform. Kodama adds a little playfulness to his worldview, with features like introducing strange creatures.


This piece is about a man who gets lost in a different world. By displaying a decaying building in an organic space, and adding objects in it that people regularly use, such as instruments and chairs, he focuses on how to depict a space where reality and the unreal coexist.