Scenes from a Retro-Futuristic Tokyo
Shigeyoshi Tsukahara's anime take place in settings that recall mid-20th century Tokyo. His worlds are filled with period details and feature evocative backdrops that reflect his character's emotions.
Shigeyoshi Tsukahara
Tsukahara was born in 1981.

Major animated works
"Hashi no mukou" (Crossing the bridge at the edge; 2012)
"Joseito" (Schoolgirl; 2014)
"Monster Parade" (2017)
"The Man Traveling with a Picture in Relief" (2018)
"Kurayukaba" (Wanderers of chaos; scheduled to be completed in 2018)

Joseito (Schoolgirl)

Based on a novella written almost 80 years ago, this animated short features a schoolgirl who narrates a day in her life with a sense of deep melancholy.

Monster Parade

In this anime short that is full of period details, such as bridges and shops that actually once existed in Tokyo, creatures from another plane of existence visit an ordinary Tokyo neighborhood.

The Man Traveling with a Picture in Relief

Based on a 1929 short story, this short tells the tale of a man trying to get to the bottom of his brother's curious actions.