Frenetic Pop Art Landscapes
NuQ is a popular artist who works primarily in fashion advertising and music videos. She uses colorful hand-drawn animations that move at a rapid pace to present the world as she sees it through her unique perspective.
NuQ was born in 1987.

Major animated works
"New Tokyo Ondo" (2012)
´Żą Jury Prize in the Animation Category at the Japan Media Arts Festival
"SPACE SHOWER TV PR Movie" (2015)
"Ueno Land Official Animation" (2018)
Wednesday Campanella "Three Mystic Apes" (2018)

Ueno Land Official Animation

NuQ produced this promotional animation for a souvenir shop in Tokyo. It's full of eye-catching colors and movements that present a mix of history, culture, and art.

New Tokyo Ondo

NuQ spent 2 years working on this animated short, which originated from a thought she once had while looking out at distant buildings from the rooftop of her home: "What if I could just reach out and grab those buildings?" The work has won acclaim throughout the Japanese animation industry.

Wednesday Campanella "Three Mystic Apes"

This music video depicts an urban landscape that reflects NuQ's perspective on the nature of a city. 2 men kidnap a trio of omniscient monkeys in an attempt to find their lost sister.