A Creator of Imaginative Stop-Motion Worlds
Tomoki Misato is a young up-and-coming animator who has already won numerous awards at festivals around the world. He creates stop-motion animations featuring colorfully designed puppets and stories with plenty of twists and turns.
Tomoki Misato
Misato was born in 1992.

Major animated works
"Natural Wave" (2013)
"Look out, Kurullerina!" (2014)
"Love is an elevator" (2015)
"Look at Me Only" (2016)
・ Best Student Film at ReAnima Festival
・ Best Student Film at MONSTRA Lisbon Film Festival
・ Partner Award (Kyoraku Pictures) at Campus Genius Contest
・ Audience Choice of ASIA ROAD 'Star of Festival' at Indie-AniFest 2016
・ Jury's Award for Academic Films at StopTrik International Film Festival 2016
・ Runner-up Audience Award Winner at ICAF 2016
"Candy.zip" (2017)
・ Jury Prize in the Animation Category at the Japan Media Arts Festival
・ Partner Award (Taiyo Kikaku) at Campus Genius Contest
・ Audience Choice at DigiCon6 Japan Awards 2017
"My Little Goat" (2018)
・ ASK? Award at ASK? Film Festival 2018
・ Tough Eye Award at Turku Animated Film Festival International Competition
・ Student Film Competition Nominee at Animafest Zagreb 2018

Look at Me Only

This animated short has won 16 awards at festivals around the world. It depicts a couple experiencing relationship problems. Misato gives his puppets a rich range of facial expressions that make them immediately likable. The story also features a pet guinea pig in a key role that drives home the story's unexpected message.


Misato created this animated short after being inspired by news of online data breaches. It takes place in a world where data exists in the form of candy. The story begins when the main character witnesses a colleague stealing data that she has created.

My Little Goat

It took Misato 10 years to complete this 10-minute horror short based on the Grimm Brothers' "The Wolf and the Seven Little Kids". He depicts difficult subject matter with creativity and sensitivity, making the work accessible to all ages.