Depicting Life and Death with Puppets *RERUN
Tomoyasu Murata creates puppet animations that delve into themes of life and death. His works mix realism and fantasy to depict both our world and the afterlife, and he portrays his characters through expressions and actions rather than words.
Tomoyasu Murata
Murata was born in 1974.

Major animated works
"Nostalgia" (2000)
・ Excellence Prize Winner in the Animation Category of the 2001 Japan Media Arts Festival
"The Scarlet Road" (2002)
・ Special Prize Winner at the 2002 Hiroshima International Animation Festival
・ Official Screening at 2003 Annecy International Animated Film Festival
"Ratio of Forest" (2009 - )
"The Forest In Which This Flower Blooms" (2015)
・ Official Selection at the 2016 Stuttgart Festival of Animated Film
・ Official Selection at the 2017 Fest Anča International Animation Festival
"A Branch of a Pine is Tied Up" (2017)
Murata created this animation about loss while attending art school. It portrays an elderly man whose wife has passed away.
The Scarlet Road
In this story about a pianist who is mourning the sudden death of his daughter, Murata depicts a world that exists between our world and the afterlife.
A Branch of a Pine is Tied Up
The destructive earthquake and tsunamis that ravaged Japan's Tohoku region in 2011 haunt this work about a girl who dies in a tsunami and returns as a ghost. She wanders the neighborhood where she used to live, remembering the times she spent with her sister.