A Thai Rock Star in Yamaguchi & Fukuoka Part 2 *RERUN
CLASH, a rock band from Thailand, set the music video for their song "LONELY" in Yamaguchi Prefecture and Fukuoka Prefecture. This time, we travel with Bank, the lead singer of CLASH, on a tour highlighting both prefectures' great local food, scenery and music. On day 2, the castle town of Kokura, where Bank tries on a kimono, experiences the city's long taiko drum tradition and visits a food market. Next, a taste of Kitakyushu's high-tech robot industry. Finally, we wrap up with a look at some great scenery.
Bank tries out a 400-year-old taiko drum tradition in Kokura
Bank visits a market with some students and tries local specialties
A surprising run-in with a cutting-edge robot in Kitakyushu