A New Life Away From Bustling Tokyo *RERUN
Japan's population continues to gravitate to the Tokyo area, but some people long to move from the capital to different corners of the nation. A consultation center in Tokyo's Yurakucho district is a magnet for anyone considering such a shift. At the center, consultants from 39 prefectures offer free advice, information, and handy tips about housing, employment, and any other aspect of daily life that awaits new residents. About 70% of people who come seeking for advice are aged 40 or younger. Among the visitors we met over 3 days was a man in his 60s looking for a new place to live after a recent divorce, and a man who took early retirement so he could return to Kyushu and spend more time with his children. Why do people want to move from Tokyo? And what do they hope to find after moving to their new home?