Fasting Retreat: A Break for the Body and Mind *RERUN
Amid the ongoing health boom, many people have been tempted to try "short-term fasting" to improve their physical and mental condition. Visitors to a facility in Izu Kogen in Shizuoka Prefecture, willingly fast for several days not only to become healthier, but also to shake off feelings of gloom and unhappiness. The visitors include a man who manages a real estate agency who says that the fasting has given him a whole different perspective on life, a woman needing a break from caring for her elderly father, and a woman who took over her husband's design company after he died of cancer 10 years ago. During their stay, they eat only a rice porridge and a bland bowl of miso soup each morning and night. What do these people want to change, and what do they hope to achieve by fasting at this facility?