Bento Tales from a Northern Fishing Town *RERUN
When the herring season starts and winter's icy grip tightens on northern Japan, the locals in the fishing town of Nemuro turn to a convenience store offering warming, satisfying meals with a difference. The 24-hour store close to the port is busy day and night as customers are seduced by its freshly baked bread and extensive range of handmade bento meals. It even sells 150 servings of its signature grilled meat "yakitori" bento each day. Nemuro boasts Japan's largest catches of saury, but the 2017 season was hit by a record-breaking poor haul. What are customers thinking about as they reach for a piping-hot bento at this convenience store? For 3 days, we listened to their personal stories at a store that warms the hearts of many people in Nemuro.