NINJA TRUTH Episode 20: Ninja Tools of Clay and Stone
Ninja tools of clay and stone were unearthed at sixteenth-century archaeological sites. They were clay makibishi and stone tsubute. However, iron-working techniques were already well established by this time. So why did the ninja use these materials? Iwata Akihiro from Saitama Prefectural Ranzan Historical Museum believes the ninja used them as a last resort. In this episode, we explore how these ninja tools came about and recreate clay makibishi to see if they'll stand up to the test.
Like their iron counterpart, the newly discovered clay makibishi always had one spike pointing upward
The newly discovered stone tsubute had a hexagonal shape and even thickness
The ninja likely delegated the production of clay and stone ninja tools to local craftspeople
We recreate and conduct experiments with the clay makibishi