Starting Over: Hotels Old and New Part 3
The coronavirus has changed everything. How can we overcome this crisis? How can we restore our normal lifestyles? In Japan, Tokyo had the largest number of coronavirus infections. In this series, we look inside 3 places in this megacity. Hotels, where many people stay. Schools, where young people gather. And airports, major transportation hubs. We'll bring you insight on how the people in these places are trying to recover.

The fall 2020 campaign to boost domestic travel helped bring old and new hotels back to life. But late in the year, infection figures surged and Tokyo issued a second state of emergency. At one long-established hotel, a couple forced to postpone a large wedding once before faced having to do so again. A new hotel in Shibuya has taken measures such as reducing employee attendance to two-thirds, while finding a way to increase workspace by remodeling rooms and use the lobby as a gallery space.
Akita Tomoya provides support to the couple
Lively New Year's activities
The lobby as a gallery
Exploring new shapes in hotels