Through the Kitchen Window: Tami Hiyama - Chirashi-Zushi, Home-party Sushi *RERUN
Recipes are often developed over several lifetimes of work, lovingly crafted and passed on from generation to generation. These dishes represent much more than home cooking. This program delves into traditional recipes to shine a light on unique food cultures across Japan, and discover the older generation's seasoned philosophies of life.

Tami Hiyama, 92 years old, lives alone in Fukuoka City, where she has taught home cooking for more than 60 years. We learn her recipe for "chirashi-zushi," a special kind of sushi eaten at family celebrations. Tami prepares the finest ingredients but she says mindset is just as important -- she cooks the dish imagining those who will soon enjoy it. What does "chirashi-zushi" mean to 92-year-old Tami? We discover her recipes for life and the secrets of her good health.