Fishing Crazy: Tokyo's Underwater Darling
Tokyo's many waterways are home to the goby, a 10cm fish that's been prized by anglers since the Edo era. Today goby fever is alive and well, attracting enthusiasts wishing to catch their beloved little fish and to do so in style! Whether it's with the traditional method like it was done hundreds of years ago, with modern lures or even by drifting along the city's canals on a floater, join us and discover the diverse and unique ways anglers enjoy goby fishing at the heart of Japan's capital.
The goby is a lovely 10cm fish ... that's also quite tasty!
Many goby enthusiasts insist on doing it the traditional "Edo" way
Crafting an Edo-style "goby rod" with the line running through the inside of the shaft
Catching goby with specialized lures has been gaining in popularity