A Treasured Creation: Today's Treasure - Japanese 'Sumi' Inksticks *RERUN
Suzuka region produces high-quality sumi ink. Kido Ito (55), an expert artisan who's made a million inksticks. A simple process, yet requires experienced judgment; depending on the weather, it can easily crack. Although this craft was dedicated to Japanese culture over a thousand years, many documents and arts have been preserved. However, the number of artisans has decreased since the transition into a digital era. "If I make it against nature, it loses the value" says Ito. This documentary showcases his skill and way of life while he strives for the ultimate black.
Suzuka ink has 1,200 years of tradition
Sumi ink craftsman: Kido Ito
His family has lived as a sumi ink craftsman over 4 generations last 100 years
Sumi ink has supported Japanese calligraphy culture over thousands of years