NINJA TRUTH Episode 9: Shinobi Rokugu - The Six Essential Tools of the Ninja *RERUN
Like all famous movie spies, the ninja had a wide array of spy tools at their disposal, and the Shinobi Rokugu were 6 tools that were considered essential for any mission. These include the Yatate, Inro, Uchitake, Sanjakutenugui, Amigasa and Kaginawa. We'll examine the purpose of each tool using action-packed reenactments. We'll also scientifically analyze how to master the Kaginawa.
The Shinobi Rokugu were the 6 tools that the ninja considered essential for their missions
The ninja used familiar items in creative ways
The Kaginawa was primarily a climbing implement, but it also served as a weapon
We scientifically examined how to secure a Kaginawa around a branch