NINJA TRUTH Episode 11: Innin and Yonin - The Yin and Yang of the Ninja
The ninja had 2 modes of operation: Innin and Yonin. Innin covered assassinations, sabotage and other covert operations requiring stealth, while Yonin covered operations performed in the open that required cunning. We'll examine the 2 using reenactments, and also reconstruct a "saotokikigane" to determine the truth about this obscure listening device.
Walking techniques were developed for Innin. "Shinsotoho" was the quietest of them all.
The ninja studied psychology as Yonin often called for clever manipulation.
Little is known about the "saotokikigane," an obscure ninja tool. How was it used?
The reconstructed "saotokikigane" is put to the test. Join us to find out the results!