A Treasured Creation: Today's Treasure - Hand Hammered Pan
The process starts with a single sheet of metal. By hammering it becomes a beautiful saucepan form. Toshikazu Himeno, age 58, is the artisan who inherited the technique in Osaka Prefecture, Japan. The more it's pounded, the harder it is forged, and the pan will last over 50 years. The pan has supported the Japanese rich culinary culture. However, Himeno is the last surviving artisan of this pan. Will he be able to pass on his skills to the next generation? How can he continue to meet dedicated users' needs? Every day alone, he continues hammering 40,000 times. We'll focus on his untiring spirit as an artisan.
Handmade hammered pan has supported the Japanese rich culinary culture
A pan is made by hammering a sheet of metal
Toshikazu Himeno, handmade hammered pan's Artisan
Himeno is the lone practitioner of the 100-year pot-making tradition