A Treasured Creation: Today's Treasure - 'Senko Hanabi' Sparklers
Senko Hanabi is a thing that reminds us of summer since the Edo period in Japan. Ryota Tsutsui has preserved the tradition of orange sparks for 25 years as a Senko Hanabi craftsman. However, the tradition is fading away while the domestic fireworks market shrinks and Chinese fireworks are emerging. Only 2 companies have survived in Japan now. Tsutsui has been passionate about expressing our lives within sparks by creating a big flame that contains 4 different sparks, inspired by poetic structure that divides into 4 stages of Introduction, Development, Twist, and Conclusion. He has studied compounding gunpowder and repeated twisting sensitive washi papers numerous times until dawn every day to achieve his goal. Working closely with his wife, Kyoko, his journey to discover the new demand by creating Senko Hanabi filled with all Japanese traditional goodness continues. This is a tale of people who devote their life to preserve these beautiful and fleeting sparks.
Senko Hanabi craftsman: Ryota Tsutsui
Senko Hanabi's sparks attract the beholder
Senko Hanabi is handmade one by one by a craftsman