Privacy Policy for General Areas

  • 1. Purpose

    The purpose of this policy is to communicate in a comprehensible manner the basic philosophy and guidelines concerning the protection of the "personal data" that Nippon Hoso Kyokai (Japan Broadcasting Corporation, hereinafter referred to as "NHK") handles in "general areas" in accordance with the NHK Charter on Personal Data ( (in Japanese).

    *1 The term "general areas" means areas outside of and not in any way pursued for the purposes of news reporting and writing, or in relation to NHK receiving fees.

  • 2. Definitions
    1. In this policy, the meanings of the terms "personal information," "pseudonymously processed information," "anonymously processed information," "information relating to an individual," "personal data" and "retained personal data" will be the same as those set forth in the Act on the Protection of Personal Data (hereinafter referred to the as the "Personal Information Protection Act").
    2. In this policy, "personal data" will mean "information about a living individual," consisting of "personal information," "pseudonymously processed information," "anonymously processed information" and "information relating to an individual" as defined under the Personal Information Protection Act.
  • 3. Application
    1. This policy applies to the handling of the personal data NHK has acquired in the course of its operations in general areas. Any rules NHK has separately laid down for specific categories of personal data will also apply. The said rules will prevail in instances where there is any inconsistency or discrepancy between them and this policy.
    2. The personal data NHK handles in accordance with this policy will include personal information, such as addresses, names, telephone numbers, email addresses, etc., as well as personal data about the users of the online services NHK makes available to the general public (hereinafter referred to as "Online Services"), such as the browsing history of NHK websites, etc. (hereinafter referred to as "Information about the Users of the Online Services").
  • 4. Compliance with Relevant Laws, Guidelines, etc.

    NHK will handle personal data in a proper manner in compliance with the Personal Information Protection Act, and other relevant laws and guidelines, as well as the Secure Broadcasting Authorization and Research Center's Guidelines for the Protection of Personal Information in the Broadcasting Sector, and NHK's internal rules, etc. concerning the handling of personal data.

  • 5. Acquisition of Personal Data

    NHK will acquire personal data in general areas by lawful and fair means in the following instances, etc.:

      1. When personal data is provided from you directly in writing, via the Internet, or other media;
      2. When NHK mechanically acquires personal data through a user's use of the Online Services; and
      3. When publicly available personal data has been posted and made available for searches.
  • 6. Notification of the Purposes of Use, etc.

    When acquiring any personal information or Information about the Users of the Online Services, NHK will give notice or publicly announce the purposes of use and other matters relating to the handling of the personal data, at a suitable place and time that is easily recognizable for the persons concerned and using easily understood language.

  • 7. Viewer Non-specific Viewing History
    1. There may be instances when NHK acquires "viewer non-specific viewing history." Although viewer non-specific viewing history is not personal information, NHK will handle it separately from other personal data out of consideration for the privacy of such information which allows identifying broadcast programs that an individual watched.
    2. NHK will handle any viewer non-specific viewing history in a careful manner, duly announcing its acquisition, and giving the persons concerned the option of halting or taking other actions against the acquisition.

    *2 Viewer non-specific viewing history is information relating to an individual acquired via viewing (including online viewing; hereinafter the same in this policy) that can be used to identify a broadcast program watched on a specific date and time, but not the person who watched.

  • 8. Purposes of Use
    1. The following are examples of purposes for which NHK will handle personal data in general areas:
      1. Surveys and analysis:
        • - To understand and analyze how broadcast programs are being watched
        • - To conduct polls and surveys of viewers
      2. Programs and events with live audiences:
        • - To accept applications to view or take part in such programs or events, to confirm the eligibility of participants, to select participants by lottery, to send admission passes, to contact regarding program viewing or event participation
        • - To improve or develop new programs or events with live audiences
        • - To conduct surveys about programs or events with live audiences
      3. In relation to the Online Services:
        • - To accept applications for services requiring user login, identification of persons concerned, user verification
        • - To improve or develop new Online Services
        • - Stable provision of the Online Services
      4. Other purposes:
        • - Studies and research necessary for advances and developments in broadcasting, broadcasting reception
        • - Acceptance of opinions solicited under Article 29, paragraph (3) of the Broadcasting Act
        • - Procurement of goods and services
        • - Acceptance, screening and contacting applicants for employment
        • - Controlling access to and from facilities managed by NHK, and maintaining their security
        • - Responding to inquiries concerning NHK's operations and services
    2. NHK will not handle, without the consent of the persons concerned, any personal information beyond the scope necessary for achieving the specified purposes of use, excluding instances permitted under the Personal Information Protection Act. Information about the Users of the Online Services which does not constitute personal information will also be handled in a proper manner accordingly.
    3. When analyzing personal data, etc., NHK will exercise care not to infer the attributes, etc. of the persons concerned, except in cases where it has their individual consent.
  • 9. Provision to Third Parties

    NHK will ensure any personal data provided to third parties is handled in a proper manner in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Act. Any Information about the Users of the Online Services which does not constitute personal data will also be handled in a proper manner accordingly.

  • 10. Entrustment to Another Entity

    When the handling of personal data is being entrusted to another entity, NHK will select a contractor that can handle the said data in a proper manner and provide the necessary supervision to ensure that it exercises proper security management. NHK will also provide proper supervision accordingly to Information about the Users of the Online Services which does not constitute personal data.

  • 11. Retention Period

    In handling personal data, NHK will endeavor to delete it without delay upon the expiration of any prescribed retention period or when the use of the specified data is no longer required.

  • 12. Opt-out

    NHK will allow the individual to opt-out of or delete by a prescribed method some of the user information that is obtained mechanically through its Online Services.

  • 13. Security Management Measures
    1. NHK will take necessary and appropriate security control measures for managing personal data, including the prevention of leakage, loss or damage.
    2. NHK will, in particular, take the following security management measures for personal data and viewer non-specific viewing history (hereinafter referred to as "Personal Data, etc.") among personal data.
      1. Establishment of regulations concerning the handling of Personal Data, etc.:
        • - Internal rules will be established concerning the method of handling Personal Data, etc., responsible persons and persons in charge, and their responsibilities, etc.
      2. Organizational security management measures:
        • - In addition to appointing persons responsible for the handling of Personal Data, etc., a reporting and liaison system will be established for the persons responsible in the event that a violation of the Personal Information Protection Law or internal rules or any sign of such a violation is detected.
        • - In addition to conducting regular self-inspections regarding the status of the handling of Personal Data, etc., the internal audit department will conduct audits.
      3. Human security management measures:
        • - Clarify where responsibility lies for the handling of Personal Data, etc., and provide employees with necessary training and raise awareness to ensure the security management of Personal Data, etc., with respect to the proper handling of Personal Data, etc.
      4. Physical security management measures:
        • - Take measures to prevent theft or loss of equipment, electronic media, documents, etc. that handle Personal Data, etc., and to ensure that personal data is not easily identified when such equipment, electronic media, etc. are carried, including when moving within the office.
      5. Technical security management measures:
        • - Manage access to Personal Data, etc., including limitation and confirmation of access authority for Personal Data, etc., and storage of records of such access.
        • - Take necessary measures to prevent unauthorized access to Personal Data, etc. through telecommunication lines.
  • 14. Requests, etc. for the Disclosure of Retained Personal Data

    Procedures for responding to requests, etc. for disclosure of retained personal data (including the amount of fees related to the procedures) will be handled in accordance with the Procedures for Requests for Disclosure, etc. ( (in Japanese) which is separately set forth and published from this policy.

  • 15. Point of Contact for Questions and Complaints
    1. Questions and complaints concerning NHK's handling of personal data will be accepted at the contact point published on NHK's website ( (in Japanese).
    2. If you have any queries about NHK's response to your inquiries or complaints regarding the handling of personal information, etc. and need consultation, you can directly contact the following "Personal Information Protection Center" of the Secure Broadcasting Authorization and Research Center, an "accredited personal information protection organization" as stipulated in the Personal Information Protection Act. (in Japanese)
    (*You will leave the NHK WORLD-JAPAN website)

  • 16. Changes to this Policy

    NHK will change this policy as needed. In the event that this policy is changed, NHK will publicly announce the effective date and content of the changed policy on the NHK website or by other appropriate means.

  • 17. Regulation by Foreign Laws

    Of the personal data held by NHK, information subject to foreign laws regarding its handling will be handled in compliance with the relevant foreign laws.

Effective date: April 1, 2022

In the event of any discrepancies or contradictions between the Japanese-language version and this English-translated version of the Privacy Policy for General Areas, the Japanese-language version shall prevail.

Japanese-language version of the Privacy Policy for General Areas: