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Requesting the Deletion of Comments, etc. Considered to Violate Your Personal Rights, etc.

A person who believes that his or her rights have been violated by a comment, etc. posted by a user of an NHK Account, shall use this form to request NHK to take measures to delete, hide, etc. the relevant information.

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1. Contact information of the applicant:
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2. Specific location where comments, etc. considered to violate your personal rights are posted:
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*Only URL may be insufficient to specify the posted comment, etc. Describe in specific terms such as the title, poster’s name, etc. (when the poster can be identified by an account name or pseudonym, etc.), the content of the post, the date of the post, etc. (Up to 1000 letters)

Comment, etc. considered to violate your personal rights.

*Copy and paste the comments and/or descriptions considered to violate your personal rights as it is. (Up to 1000 letters)

Right considered to be violated
Specific reasons why you consider your personal rights violated (Situation of damage, etc.)

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I hereby acknowledge and agree that the details described above are consistent with the facts and will be circulated from NHK to the poster on an as-is basis.