Zeroing In: Carbon Neutral 2050

Episode 8 Troubled Waters

People across the globe draw life from our oceans. They navigate over the surface. They're nourished by the creatures below. But many who live alongside them find themselves in troubled waters. They can see the threats through their windows: super hurricanes, torrential rains, flooding ... even on sunny days. Some innovators are redesigning low-lying areas to make them more resilient. Others are reconsidering rain as a resource. We'll plunge into these waters to see the perils, and the opportunities, beneath the surface.

Host: Catherine Kobayashi
Guest: Greg Dalton, Journalist and Host, "Climate One"
Coproduced with NJ PBS

Series Description
Climate change is our common crisis. People from all walks of life are reinventing the way they live and work to stop it. In partnership with public broadcasters in the US, we zero in on grassroots actions for a carbon neutral future.

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