Reading Japan

Changing to Short Sleeves: Part 2

This program uses dramatic readings in English to introduce short stories by exceptional storytellers who have big followings in Japan. The stories make the culture and spirit of Japan accessible through imaginative drawings and animations interspersed between the readings like storybook illustrations.

I fell out with my boyfriend. My ex-boyfriend, and co-worker at that time, started dating a girl from another division who's better than me when it comes to acting all lovey-dovey. I was the one buckling under a crushing emotional burden. I became unable to bring myself to go to the office. Soon after, I quit the company altogether. I landed a job at a department store where I'd be able to empty my mind and work straight through weekends and holidays. There, I spent 2 years working myself to the bone. 2 years later, my ex-boyfriend showed up at the department store one day. Then, I...

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