TAKADA KENZO Poet of Cotton

In October 2020, Paris fashion designer Takada Kenzo died from complications of COVID-19. This came on the 50th anniversary year of his groundbreaking Paris debut. Why was Kenzo, the first Japanese to be dubbed "the most creative designer in Paris," so beloved by the young Parisian fashion crowd? Shy but exuberant, the designer was known for his mischievous sense of fun. Friends, including Bunka Fashion College classmate and trusted confidante Koshino Junko, championed Kenzo's creative work throughout his life and career. According to those around him, "No one loved clothes as genuinely as Kenzo did." Just 4 months before his death, Kenzo gave an extensive interview looking back on his illustrious career. From the interview and tributes by Koshino Junko, Shimada Junko and Jean Paul Gaultier, we follow the life and career of a singular genius.