THE MAGIC OF A DISH: New York Top Chef Goes to Japan

Episode 1: Summer

Acclaimed NY chef David Bouley has delighted celebrities with his innovative French cuisine spiced with "Bouley Magic." Now in his 60's, the gifted chef sets out on a journey to learn and explore new gastronomic horizons. His goal: to create the finest healthy cuisine unlike anything we've seen before. To this end, Bouley travels to Japan in pursuit of knowledge. This story follows him through summer in Okinawa Prefecture and Kyushu.
His first stop is Ogimi Village in Okinawa, known as a village of longevity. Here, elderly people over 90 actively engage in farm work and sports. Speculating that the secret to longevity is "food," Bouley learns about local traditional food, vegetables and herbs unique to Okinawa, and seaweeds that he has never seen before to create original and dazzling dishes. In Kyushu, he visits craftsmen passing on traditional fermented foods like Kurozu (black vinegar) made by fermenting mash, and dried bonito made by repeating a drying-and-molding process to enhance umami. Bouley also makes a stop in Kumamoto Prefecture to visit a chef and growers affected by the 2016 earthquake and inspires them with his "Bouley Magic."

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