242km Race in Mongolia: Conquer the Wild Land of the Greatest Empire! Part 1

"GREAT RACE" is a documentary series that follows extreme races covering hundreds of miles and exceeding the limits of body and spirit. The runners say the races have changed their lives.

Vast wild land in Mongolia - where Genghis Khan's horse riders swaggered in the old days - is overrun by the fearless 232 athletes in the summer of 2018. For the first time, Gobi Desert in Mongolia hosts "Great Race" - the ultra marathon where bold contestants run the whole distance of 242km in 7 days. We, the filming crew, follow the runners facing numerous challenges - everlasting steppe, steep cliffs, maze of the ruins, sand dunes...
Can the invincible Spanish champion hold the title again? Or, can his competitors from Japan and Hong Kong overturn the Spanish reign this time? What brought a woman in her 60's to this fanatic race? We tell you the inside stories of runners in this "GREAT RACE" who push themselves to the extreme. What do they experience when going beyond their limits? Stay tuned to watch the first 3 days of their gripping race in PART 1 of "GREAT RACE"!

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