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A Thai Star in Hokkaido Part 1

Thanks to their appearance in hit Asian films, locations throughout Japan are being thrust into the spotlight. Previously unknown to most travelers, these locations are now must-see spots for movie buffs from both in and outside Japan. We visit these new tourist hotspots with the stars of the films that made them famous, hearing the behind-the-scenes stories of those hit movies. Plus, an inside look at what makes each location special, including local places, faces, food, history and more.

This time, a winter journey to breathtaking Hokkaido, the setting of hit Thai film One Day, with its star Nittha Jirayungyurn, also known as Mew. First, to a ski resort, where you can enjoy the top-quality snow for close to half the year, and to a romantic spot featured in the film. Other highlights include an ice restaurant where Mew tries a unique dish, a collection of over 25,000 music boxes, a reunion with a shopkeeper Mew met while filming One Day, and a special slow food unique to Hokkaido.

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