3-Day Dare*Devils

YUKIGUNI - Deep into Japan's Snowland

In this new entertainment-type documentary, challengers from Asian countries come all the way to Japan and go through difficult experiences for just 3 days. By seeing the challenger's struggles, you will come to understand the enthusiasm of the Japanese and what they value. Through the eyes of the daredevil, you'll discover another side of Japan you've never seen before.

The daredevil for this episode:
Softpomz from Thailand
- A social media influencer with 1.8 million subscribers.

Day 1: Experiencing life in the deep snow of freezing Gokayama
Gokayama is a World Heritage Site where residents spend their winters in snow over 2 meters deep. In exchange for accommodation in a traditional house with a thatched roof, Softpomz tries her hand at shoveling the heavy snow off the roof.

Day 2: Make use of the heavy snow
The snow here is used as a natural refrigerator to store vegetables. People even grow vegetables under the snow. By digging down 2 meters into the snow, the vegetables from the garden below can be harvested. The vegetables get sweeter under the snow. Plants convert their starches to sugars to protect their tissues from freezing. When the snow gets deep, it's time for the locals to focus on making washi - traditional Japanese paper. Softpomz also tries her hand at this ancient craft.
The people in this area take advantage of the heavy snow, creating a natural bleaching process called yuki-sarashi (snow bleaching), where plant bark is laid on the snow for ultraviolet ray exposure. This process gives the paper a distinctive white color and higher durability. She discovers the wisdom of the locals' ancestors who use the heavy snow to their advantage.

Day 3: Enjoy the snow
Kamakura is a dome-shaped house made of snow, and Softpomz sees if she can make one in 3 hours. Will she be able to carry out her mission?