Dogu with Goggles excavated in Kamegaoka Site, Aomori prefecture
(Shakouki Dogu)

The Dogu, or clay figure, is an unglazed pottery thought to have been created between 2,500 and 3,000 years ago. The deformed body shape, large eyes and elaborated designs all over the figure are its distinctive features. The name "Dogu with Goggles" was given because it appears as if it's wearing goggles similar to one worn by aboriginal people living along Canada's northern coast to block sunlight in snow. It's not known for what purposes the pottery was created, but the missing of one of the piece's legs might provide a clue. Some experts say it was intentionally damaged to sacrifice itself so people would be spared from injuries and disaster. We will take a close look at the pottery infused with prayers of ancient people.