Better Off Abroad: Young People Leaving 'Cheap Japan'

Unlike other G7 countries, wages in Japan have been stagnant for more than twenty years. In addition, the country has lately seen a rapid decline in the value of the yen. "I can't earn enough however hard I work" ― a growing number of young people who feel that way are now giving up "cheap Japan" to work overseas. Some pick blueberries in Australia, making more than double the average starting salary in Japan. One Japanese woman who works at a care facility there is able to save up 3,700 US dollars a month to realize her future dream. Is Japan no longer an attractive place to work? We take a look at the latest trend.

Watanabe Tsutomu (Professor, Graduate School of Economics, The University of Tokyo)
Menju Toshihiro (Executive Director, Japan Center for International Exchange)