Karl and Tina: Bountiful Autumn in the Village

Situated in Niigata Prefecture is a village of distinctive Kominka traditional houses. Join us as we revisit some of the residents who make the village special and see signs of summer passing into autumn. We drop in on German-born architect Karl, responsible for renovating many of the local homes, and his wife Tina as they prepare the evening meal on a summer afternoon. We also meet a woman who came to try out village life for just six months but ended up marrying a local and becoming a resident. Then there is the member of Karl's team who dreams of starting her own fruit-growing operation. We also encounter a mother who hopes that her new life in the village will allow her to make a fresh start with her daughter. We see locals enjoying honey and vegetables that are the bounty of summer, even as the harvest festival and autumn foliage usher in a new season.